Simple Inventory App How To by knack not clear to me. Connection Icon link looks like chain and 'SHOW' in edit form does not appear

Upon following these instructions on how to build a basic inventory app. Follow this link

The first issue I found was while building the app I could not make my links look like chain links as shown in this image near step 1.4.  Instead my links looked like regular link like this < . I tried working out why my links did not look like a chain link as shown on the instructions. I could not find why so I continued with the instructions hoping this irregularity would not affect anything.   

Upon creating my first page as per instructions at step 3.1 the second short Video it shows how to  edit the form and shows a option where you can choose if you want to show something or not .  Please see following screenshot of paused Video.

When I tried doing the same thing with the App I was building I did not get this option to choose what I show. Please see the following screenshot of the form I am editing. The option for Show is not there.

I am not sure if the first problem the 'Link icon issue' is connected to this 'Show' problem?

Can anyone please advise. Thanks in advance.

Hi James,

Thanks for the detailed question. Your screenshots were helpful!

I completely understand how the icons being different in your Builder compared to the walkthrough screenshots would be confusing. Although your issue is related to connections, it’s not related to the different icons. The difference in icons is related to changes made in the Builder since the walkthrough screenshots were taken.


The Show option only appears when there are multiple connection fields on a form that are connected to one another. In the Warehouse Manager walkthrough, the multiple connection fields were created in step 1.4. Stock Transfer.

To check that the Stock Transfer object connections were made to the Location Inventory object, go to the Stock Transfer object. On the right, beneath the Add Connection button, you should see that Location Inventory lists two connections, Origin and Destination.

You can also click on the connection fields for both Origin and Destination, and confirm that the one-to-many connection was made between Stock Transfer and Location Inventory for both of them.

You can find more information about the Show option here in section 3.3. Edit Inputs of our Forms article (scroll down for the section called Connection Field Show Option.)

For more information about adding multiple connections, check section 2 Manage Connections of our Connections article (scroll down for the section called Adding More than One Connection to the Same Object.)

If this is still an issue, you can always submit a help request to with your specific example so we can take a closer look!