Action button bug

When adding an icon to an Action button (which is cumbersome to begin with) in the builder it shows the icon on the button, as it should. But the live app shows the icon to the left of the button. Glitch? Bug? Odd “feature?”
First photo is the live app. Second photo shows the exact same button in the builder. As you can see…they are not the same.

Screen Shot 2023-12-01 at 9.40.44 AM
Screen Shot 2023-12-01 at 9.40.34 AM

I’ve noticed this before. It’s a bug rather than a feature.

Thanks for sharing this, Matthew. I was hoping to observe this bug you’re sharing in a test app of mine in order to ensure this issue is known by our team. I’ve tried to reproduce this by adjusting the design settings many different ways, but I have yet to be successful to see this behavior at all.

Example Live App:

Example Builder settings:

Any ideas on what I may be missing here to reproduce the bug you’re experiencing? Thank you in advance!

@Les - Please see the below video which shows how to replicate the issue.
Its specifically for action links, your example is a delete link. :blush:

Action Link Icon 2mins

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The point being…what shows in the Builder is not what shows in the app. It’s a bug. I created a "Delete’ button because we needed to delete records from two objects simultaneously via a Make scenario. So, that “Delete” button kicks off the scenario.

Thank you, Carl!

Technically, delete links are action links. I can now see how you replicated the issue using the option to trigger an action. In Matthew’s screenshots, he has a delete link with a trash can icon next to it. Now, I see that he is using that button to trigger a Make scenario.

Thanks for the specifics both of you! I’ll get this info passed along to the team.


Yes, apologies :pray: a delete link is an action link.

You can obviously see the issue when adding an action link as per the video. Glad to help :blush:


Yes, the video is exactly what is happening. Good explanation, thanks Carl!

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