Simple date equation issue from newbie

Hi there, apologies, this seems such a simple question, but I think I have followed all the examples accurately, so there must be some core requirement that I have not realised.

I have a database with dates in a record (Australian format, dd,mm,yyyy), of when items were purchased, and a record with the length of the warranty in years. Eg, 2, 3 years. I am trying to use this formula to show when the warranty expires:

But I am getting this odd result:

Instead of 19/06/2020 for the 1st item, and 07/08/2022 for the 5th item. What am I doing wrong?



If you change the Date Type to Years, you can then change the formula to {Date Purchased} + {Warranty period in years) and you should get the correct answer.

Hope this helps!!