Date Equation - change result after hard-coded date of each year



I'd like to add a field - say "Expiry" - which has a logic such that, if Joining date is this year and Joining date is after 1 Oct, then the "Expiry" would be 1 Apr Year+2, while if Joining date is before 1 Oct, then "Expiry" would be 1 Apr Year+1.  For all other years, the "Expiry" would be 1 Apr Year+1.


Trying to use Conditional Rules, but can such a rule be applied?

Hi Jin

Try below 

First add 93 days in joing date -> field_x (formula field )

then add 1 year in new field_x -> field_y (formula field )

take year from field_y-> field_z

and make Apr-1 -field_z(expiry field) 



Sunny Singla