Show only active users

Hi guys,

For sake of example, let’s say that it is a project with employees, and I want to send them an email. This child page Form automaticaly show the employees (and also propose usefuly to add other users).

But I only want to send email to ACTIVE status employees of the project.
Some employees might not work anymore on this project, and should not receive email.
Which means that For field must only show active employees of the project.
(there is a way to filter the other users)

How to do that? It might be a line of code to hide not active employees in this input.
tks for the help.

If the “For” field is connected to User Roles then you can add a filter to only show those that are active.

Hi Carl! Yes this field is connect to a User Roles.

There are 2 parts inside the “For” field:

a) - the accounts inherited from the parent page (employees on the project): yellow block. They show up automaticaly without adding them one by one because they come from the parent page. Save a lot of time sending email.

b) - all the other accounts (employees) of the company: blew block. Usefull if needed to add employees outside the project team.

for b) I can filter as you show. For a) I cannot since the names are inherited from the parent page.

Even when I manually deselect a NO active account among the project employees (yellow block), the account is added automaticaly to the blew block which is filtered for only active accounts.