Email notification based on the user role in table

Hi all

Parent page

- child 1 table - user adds rows with data - data contains user role

- child 2 table - user adds rows with data

- child 3 table- user adds rows with data

How to automatically send e-mail notifications to users (connected to Responsibility column) used in child 1 table (Actions)?

Is there a way to crate a list with tick boxes or something similar where user can select the related departments? (each department represents one email address, so in reality probably not more than 2-4 emails total will be send, can knack handle this?)


I've manged to sort this out by moving the email notification to the add new action section and creating a e-mail rule based on the department/ responsibility, plus changing the field action required to multiple selection - this way the email will be sent only once if more than one action added which make more sense.. this way the approval will be based on the department rather than action but this is fine.