Hiding Edit buttons for a Team Member

In a Project management system, I want only to let a Project Manager edit a Project and a Team Member not be able to, they must only be able to view the Project. I know I can use Page Rules if this field connects to the signed-in account but it doesn’t as I can’t test the field of ‘Team Member’ against the signed-in account - is there anyone who has an idea how I can solve this?

Hi @Jenni, how is the information displayed?
Is it in a table, list or detail view

You can simply add the edit option and then place a login requirement on the edit page. The login requirement should be that the account should be a manager’s account.

You can use the page rules. With the page rules, you can aďd two views.
One with the edit option and one without the Edit option.
So you use the page rule and use the conditions.
If Account does not contains “Manager”, then hide the view with the edit option and then if it contains Manager, hide the view without the edit option.

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Hi Godfred
Thank you so much for the reply. The page is in a form view with a button to edit, my problem with the page rule is it is not allowing me to just choose the logged-in user, I have to select a name of the users from the drop down which is not what I want, there are too many and it needs to be the logged-in user, the option to select the logged-in user is not available.
Again thank you for replying.
Kind regards

So you don’t have to select the users.
Create a User Role with the name “Project Manager” and put all the users who are Project Managers in it.

With Page rule, use the condition:
USER ROLE does not contain Project Manager, hide “view” where the view is the one with the edit option.

We can get on a call so I can show if you don’t mind.

Hi Godfrey
Our users can be a project manager as well as a team member so can’t be put into just one user role, that is why being able to use logged-in user would have been so useful. I am not sure this can be done? It would be great to get on a call if you had the time.

I have sometime now
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