Set number of maximum record, storage and API usage per app


My name is Luke and I have ben using Knack since 2019 and one of my major concerns when providing Knack apps to my clients is making sure that they do not exceed their maximum allocated record, storage and API limits.

In Knack, you subscribe to a plan and receive x-amount of record, storage and API limits. But, this is provided to us in bulk and when we create multiple apps these apps “dig in” to the x-amount limits.

I believe that it would be beneficial to have a way in setting equally or specifically the maximum allocated record, storage and API limits per app. This way some apps can be treated as low resource intensive or high resource intensive.

As an example, lets say that we have the “Pro plan” and we gain:

API Usage
__ of 5,000 available

__ of 8 available

__ of 50,000 available

__ of your 10 GB.

If we have 8 apps then each app could automatically gain 625 API Usage, 6,250 Records and 1,25 GB Storage. This way if these limits are exceeded per app then that particular app should have to invest more funds to claim more resources.

Also, if we have 8 apps then we could set specific API Usage, Records and GB Storage. For example, App 1 could be set to 100 API Usage, 1,000 Records and 0 GB Storage, App 2 could have 0 API Usage, 10,000 Records and 2 GB Storage, App 3 could have 1,000 API Usage, 5,000 Records and 3 GB Storage, and so on.

This could be a beneficial system for both people providing app hosting to clients or if you have multiple apps yourself and these apps require specific limits.


Luke, thanks so much for posting - this seems like a great idea :star_struck:


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