Why is my app with only 5K records consuming almost 3GB

I need to explain to my client why the app takes so much storage space with just 5K records. We were forced to upgrade from the starter package and the client is concern if this is a pattern that will repeat to take us quickly to the Pro package.


Records do not use the storage capacity for your apps, only uploading files/images will use the storage.

If you are not uploading files/images, please reach out to support@knack.com to discuss this issue further.

Users are uploading a PDF file only. Total PDFs to date add up to 187MB. ??? What’s the rest of space used for?

This may relate to records that have been deleted. Knack keeps unused assets in case backups are ever needed and you request a restore via support. I just ran the delete process on my sandbox app and it dropped from 99.6MB to 10.4MB because of items that have been deleted from the builder, but are still stored server side for restoring purposes.

If you go to the apps section and click on the storage value you will get the popup dialgue to allow you to delete unused assets. This can take some time depending on volume. If the items have been deleted from the builder its highly likely you don’t want to restore them in the future. Once you run this process those deleted items will no longer be restorable.

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@eduardo - Carl is absolutely on point with the “delete unused asset” option to clear out files/images being stored for potential restore purposes.

Once you click the link, just let it run. Sometimes it can take time. Reclicking will start the job again.

If this doesn’t solve the storage question please reach out to us as support@knack.com with the link to the app and we can provide you with a breakdown of the stored assets.

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Thanks! That makes sense. I’ll try deleting unused assets and see how it goes.

Many thanks!

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Many thanks for the advice. I managed to reduce the used storage dramatically, by deleting unsized assets.
I owe you a cup of coffee! :slight_smile:

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Hi @EDUARDO1 - Glad that it helped, if you could mark as solved it would be appreciated :+1: