Space not recovered after deleting records with uploaded images and replacing with URLs


I recently built an app and inadvertently configured a table that stores child record images in a way that the table uploaded the images, rather than storing URLs to externally stored images. I realised what I'd done after loading in test data and seeing the app's space utilisation.

I subsequently deleted the records containing the embedded images, but noted that the app statistics that show what disk space the app is using were not updated to reflect this recovery of space.

Is this a bug in the app record count/disk space utilisation statistics in Knack, I wonder?

Any advice or relevant information will be gratefully received.



P.S. Could an Administrator on this forum perhaps add an item to to the Topic lookup list such as 'Potential Bug Report'? The Topic list does not currently provide for this type of scenario, so I am classifyinbg this post as 'How do I' on the basis that I want to know how I get to a position where the App stats are updated correctly (even though resolving this requirement is probably not within my control).

Apologies, please ignore my post above, I just stumbled on the 'Delete Unused Assets' functionality!