Developer Plan

I only have a few hours a week (on a good week) to work on development. We have multiple apps we want to put into development, but it may be weeks or months until they are ready to be used. Three apps is an awkward limit, because I can't justify spending more per month when we only have one app actually in use. It's also prevented me from installing any of the template apps just to learn how something was accomplished. So, here's what I’m proposing:

The ability to turn an app from ‘in development’ to ‘active’. ‘In development’ apps could be free (I hope), but are limited to, say, 200 records? Even if there is a small fee associated, the prospect of upgrading to $79/month is daunting if the additional apps are only for me to experiment and learn on. Once they are ready, I’ll switch it over to ‘active’, which will count it against my app limit for my plan, and lift the record limit.

100% agree. I actually ended up signing up twice because I needed more time to assess Knack. In the real world, most people just can't devote 14 straight days to it. Along those lines, it'd be nice to have some place to do backup copies to, that aren't usable other than as backups. I have 3 apps, and nowhere to make a backup.


I agree too, dev apps are not earning any money and rushed apps dont help Knack either with bad press.



Strongly agree, I need more time to work on my app to even see if it’s what I will ultimately use for what my company needs. I am finding 14 days very short. This idea would let knack expand their free trial to be UNLIMITED LENGTH, technically you could even call it just a free plan not a trial then!! This would help knack too by attracting more users wanting even more of a no-risk way to try things out, as well as provide a general attitude of no pressure no rush, which should help conversions in the long run. Also you could find other ways to limite the free plan so this shouldnt cost knack anything more and could even generate them more sales, i would call this a win-win for everyone and a clear no-brainer.