Allow Apps to be Archived

As an App Developer, I want to have the option to “Archive” an app so that I can stay under my app limit while shifting work to a new app if a new project object pops up or priorities change. This would save lots of work on apps that hadn’t been fully developed or deployed.

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I agree 100%. The only option is to DELETE an app that is not used anymore. What if a client comes back and wants to reactivate their app after we removed it? Then we need to build it all from scratch again. It doesn’t seem to make sense to be forced to upgrade to a new plan if we have dead-apps that we only keep around just-in-case.

Knack is welcome to ‘lock’ an app into view-only if it’s archived, so we can’t edit it, share it, or view the live app. (however, maybe allow us to only export the data when in archived state?)

The point here is to help us keep the work we’ve done and shift our app counts to new projects. Thanks very much for your consideration, Knack team. Hopefully this idea gets more traction.

Hi @JoeJAZ ,

Thanks for this request! I will share this request with our Product team for consideration. :rocket:

Happy Knack building!