Make it more difficult to delete applications by requiring a password

My knack application is now an integral part of our company operations. I've spent months building and fine tuning it, and it has really made everyone's life easier.

Its so important, I have literally had nightmares about it being accidentally deleted. All I would have to do is groggily to hit that evil little X and click though to make my beautiful app and job disappear before you can say "Sorry honey, you're going to community college."

The ability to make back up copies has helped my blood pressure some what, but my digital baby still represents a huge amount of time and money. If there was a way to require one to enter a password before deleting an application, I feel it would add an additional level of protection to valuable applications.

Bumping this because it scares me every time I hover over my Apps how easy it is to accidentally delete the wrong one.
A simple "Please re-enter password to confirm", or "Are you REALLY sure" would be fine.

I think this is an important feature as well.

Click on the gear to the left if the X on your knack dashboard.It should have a form labeled copy app. You can use the boxes to include all records and scheduled tasks.

I make a copy whenever I am about to do a change, just in case.

How do you make a backup of your App, btw?

Yes, please, yesss.