Send email on form submission to field values?

Hi all,

I have a form that when submitted should send an email which is straightforward. I notice though I have to type in the email address in the template. Is it not possible to send an email but have the To go to "Owner" and CC go to "Support Rep" etc, fields that map to users or email addresses? I have a quote request database that a user goes in makes their request and picks who it is for. When they save it it should email me, CCing them, as well as CCing the rep they chose. Doesn't seem like that's possible from what I've seen, hoping I'm doing it wrong!

Actually never mind now it's working :S Was using Chrome, but accidentally logged in from IE just now and in IE it shows a drop down where I can select a connected email record but Chrome doesn't show that. Thanks!

Forgot to mention I'm following but my view looks nothing like that, all I have is To: and I have to type in an email, there's no dropdowns for selecting an email field from any of the connected records. Tested on all tables and forms, none look like in the link above.