Select the field without clicking

Hi Guys, your help will be appreciated.

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, there is no way to select the field without clicking on it. This is because the field searches for a valid object before letting you save the object. Although this would be a great feature suggestion for the product team. Feel free to put this suggestion in our community forums here:

I have a linked field in a form to names… I want to use a scanner to populate the linked field in the form. It unfortunately wants you to select and click submit. Is there another way
Video link of issue

Hi @Gary2 - your video link seems to have expired, however, I did get to view it earlier. Please see the below video response:

Hi Carl, I like the way you use a barcode scanner with the MC field. On a slightly different topic: would this also work with the camera of a smartphone?

No idea about the smartphone query :man_shrugging:
The scanner is USB so directly connected to the PC and essentially works as a keyboard sending the barcode details as a number along with a carriage return. A cellular device would obviously not work the same as it’s not a connected device. It’s beyond my knowledge level I’m afraid. :joy:

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