Select email address based on a date difference using text formula

Hi all, I have a table with dates. Whenever a new form is submitted, I check if the # of days is 3 or less I want to email an urgent priority email address. Otherwise it should be sent to the non-urgent email address.

I wrote a formula to calculate the # of days, and this works exactly as expected. I then wrote a text formula that makes use of that formula (only I placed the actual email address in the formula):
((round({Expected Delivery Date}/86400000-.5,0)-round(currentDate()/86400000-.5,0))>3) ? “not urgent email” : “urgent email”

And this is where I run into 2 issue,
1- the formula keeps returning a copy of the formula, instead of calculating a value. I know I’m calculating the # of days correctly, so I’m not sure what’s going on?
2- When I goto the form menu, and update the email, I don’t see the text formula field as an option. Is it not possible to use this field on an email? Is it possible to cast the text as an email?

Hi @Gerry

You can’t use text in an equation field and you can’t use a ternary in a text formula. You can see more info about this here:

You will need to substitute your words for numbers then use a new field with conditional rules to turn the numbers in to text.
You can also use the equation field to update an email field using conditional rules.

Hope this helps.


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