Seamless integration with Wordpress and Quickbooks?

I am looking to embed my database app into my Wordpress website. I am developing a mobile app where clients can advertise their events through the app. They need to be able to submit their events to a database, and pay for advertising in the database.

Ideally, clients will have the following user experience:

1. Go to my website

2. Sign up for an account (through Knack)

3. Start adding events to their database (events will be added to my mobile app once they have been approved by admin, and have been paid for.) Their events will be advertised for however many months they choose to advertise. Say someone wants to advertise and event in the app from April 1st to June 1st. They will be charged for 2 months of advertising. At the end of the 2 months, I will remove their event from the app. Then it needs to be shown as "expired" in their customer portal.

4. Pay for their order.

5. IDEALLY...I would love all of this to be billed through Quickbooks. Stripe and PayPal are Okay...but I hate the 2.9% they charge! And I do all of my accounting through Quickbooks so it would streamline everything for me.

6. Is ANY of this possible???

Perhaps, what you're asking for is relatively simple and I could certainly do it for you. However, there are people on the Knack Builder Network who are much better at this than me. Send me an email and we can talk it through and I'll be happy to give you my honest opinion.

I dont have to connect records to my mobile app. I can Input information manually. Are you available for hire Bill?

Sure, all of it is possible. The only truly complicated part would be getting the knack records/information from your database to your app. That all depends on what you're using for your app development. This part would require a developer of some sort.

You can bill from Stripe inside of knack. Just a FYI, Quickbooks also charges fees. With the exception of ACH transfers, Strip & Quickbooks are pretty similar in their credit card processing fees. If you use Strip inside of knack then you could use Zapier to connect your knack database and your Quickbooks Online account. That way all of the charges & customers could be imported automatically.

I would say Knack isn't an ideal solution to your issue. I'd advise you to hire someone knowledgeable in e-commerce in WordPress to handle this for you.