Preview the new Integration between Knack and QuickBooks Online!

Would you like to easily import, refresh, and report on 16 automatically-connected tables of QuickBooks data in your Knack app for flexible financial management? If so, please fill out this form.

This integration is the first feature in our Preview Program. By joining, you will have:

  • Early access to exciting new features before general release
  • Opportunity to directly impact development and help shape the product
  • Frequent feature updates during the Preview period
  • Chance to provide feedback directly to our product, design, and development teams
  • Special recognition for contributing to our program
  • Access to engage with team members and fellow Preview users in a private community

If you’re not a QuickBooks Online user, don’t worry—there will be more opportunities to participate in the near future. Stay tuned!

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ps: not a QuickBooks user.


Exciting! Not a QuickBooks user, but does this mean you’re moving towards other integrations - say, for example - Salesforce? :slight_smile:


Yes, Salesforce is in our backlog (top 5)! Can you describe your use-case a bit? That would help us understand if the integration we plan to build can meet your needs, or if there would be some changes we need to consider making.

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We are currently in the planning stages for Salesforce, so I don’t have a lot of details. What I think I know:

Use Case One: We’re hoping to do a Blackthorne Events Salesforce implementation. We’d like users in Knack to be able to fetch the aggregate data about participants from the Blackthorne events - for instance, Knack User is reporting on their programmatic efforts in Knack, mostly textual data. Knack User held 3 events, for which registration went through Blackthorne. Knack User wants to select those events from within Knack and pull in total number of participants (necessary) and demographic (REGA) breakdown (ideally).

Use Case Two: Partnership tracking. Salesforce will hold information about our external partners. When Knack User reports on a programmatic effort, Knack User wants to be able to select the partners that were affiliated with that effort from within Knack.

I don’t think we’re planning to use Knack to “push” any data into Salesforce at this time, but if the integration made it easy to do so, I could see doing it that direction as well.


This is great news! I’m very happy to hear about native integration other than Stripe for payment processing.


A WooCommerce integration would be great.


Xero integration please!

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Exciting to see the move to native integrations. Any plan to allow native integration between Knack Apps - e.g. to sync users and positions (and other common data) between apps.

Oh, and what else is in the top 5?