Quickbooks Online API

Has anyone successfully integrated their app with Quickbooks API?

Donald, I need to do exactly what your coder did for integrating Knack to QB online...Zapier is not working. Could you shoot me his contact ?



And with Xero having the majority of market share in Aus & NZ, and MYOB online coming on I think Knack strategy of focussing on it’s API and connecting services is right.

I agree that most small businesses would be using QuickBooks Online these days and focusing on a service like Zapier is the right way to go. QBO has a TON of triggers / actions on Zapier, however, Knack needs more then just the "New Record" actions.

For example, creating an invoice in an application in Knack and having Zapier move it over to QBO, QBO handles the invoicing and the payment of that invoice, then Zapier pushes the "paid" status back to the invoice record in Knack.

Currently, this is couldn't happen because there is no "update record" action in Zapier. There are certainly ways to make it work with Zapier's javascript and webhooks etc. But it would certainly be easier as a build in action.

I don't know if Knack has any influence over Zapier getting this working, but it would certainly be a HUGE one for me...

We agree that an official Quickbooks integration would make a lot of sense, but it's really tough to define what that could look like to be useful to a general user base. Almost everyone would have a specific use case that would be slightly different than anyone else!

That's why we tend to focus on our API and connecting to services like Zapier. Then there are great tools available to either connect things together with Zapier or develop custom solutions.

Of course we're happy to hear any feedback on what a general integration should look like.

Thanks for your sharing Donald. Very useful.



Alejandro - no, he didn't. In fact, the reason we went with a custom script was because the QBO functions available via Zapier were limited at the time. I just now looked again at the QBO functions available via Zapier, and they appear to have improved since we last looked. I can't say for certain from the cursory glance.

Either way, we'll probably stay with the script for now. One thing that the script will do is batch process several "job" records from Knack at the same time. When it processes a batch, it combines multiple jobs for one customer (common for our company) and creates one invoice with several line items for that customer. I suspect if I tried to make a Zap, the only way it would work would be if each Knack job record resulted in one invoice.

If you're trying to connect the two apps, I would definitely recommend trying Zapier. It's great for those of us who don't have the coding background to take advantage of app connectivity.

Thank you Donald. I wonder if the developer used a third party integration software such as Zapier.



Thanks Donald. I wonder if the developer used Zapier, or any other third party integration software.

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I've had a custom script written to export completed job information from Knack (our custom CRM / job tracking solution) into Quickbooks Online (our accounting software). I'm not a coder, but the freelancer we used did a nice job. It's a one-way dump (no data syncing), but it works perfectly for us.

I haven't played with it yet, either, but would love if somebody has given it a shot and had some success to chime in!

Hello friend, wonder if any of you had a try connecting to Quickbooks?

I did, however not getting any results.

Thanks for your valuable answer.



Yes, please!

Looks like a perfect match for Knack...


Devs, any plans to integrate?