Scrollbar Issues in Fields and Records


Love the functionality in Knack =)

I do have a couple of interface issues with the Knack interface that I was hoping you could help me with.

(Using current Windows OS with Chrome/Firefox browsers. Have not tested on Mac yet.)

First, in Fields, there is a vertical scrollbar, but the last field gets cropped. Can still click on that field, but cannot see the name (see below).

Second, in Records there does not seem to be a horizontal scrollbar and the columns are truncated (see below). This makes viewing the data records in those columns difficult.

Even though the scrollbars are missing, I can still use the arrow keys to scroll.

Thanks 383433730112 for the suggestion.




I tested on another PC using current Windows and Explorer, Chrome, Firefox browsers.

Unfortunately, the horizontal scroll bar is still missing. When I zoom in and out (ctrl+mouse wheel), the scroll bar appears and then vanishes.

Only once in 10 minutes of testing did the horizontal scroll bar stay visible. Sadly, I'm not sure how I made it appear =(



Thanks Sergi,

I will try on my PC at home. I thought that Knack must have scroll bars. We are in 2019 =)



Really strange, yes I have horizontal and vertical scroll bars on record list.. I have checked with hight resolutions 4k, and the scroll bars are working ok..

If you scroll with two fingers on the trackpad ?

Thanks Davide,

Update. I tested on my Mac and had the same issue with Records tab.

Quick question: do you get a horizontal scrollbar on Records tab?



Weird.. perhaps you have some zooming issues or something related with your screen resolution? Have you tested on an other PC?