Request: scrolling menu bar in rich text field

When more than several paragraphs of text are added to a rich text field, the menu/button bar disappears off the top of the screen, making it difficult to change styling in the field.

Some rich text editors (see WordPress for example), stay at the screen top as the user scrolls down into the field, always remaining available for styling.

Can that be implemented in Knack?

Hi there. This issue is alive and well, and not resolved. Even though Jay said it was back in 2015 (!). When using the rich text editor, the menu bar scrolls out of screen as soon as I enter more text than fits on the page.

The only peculiar thing I can think of in my case is that it's on a page that consists entirely of richtext elements. But I really don't see how that would affect the workings of the editor.

In the screenshot below, you can see how the editor menu bar is half-scrolled out of view. If I'd scrolled any further, it would have been out of sight.


Thanks for the update, Nic.

I should have mentioned that I was submitting this request for the backend record-editing screen, where I'm doing some bulk editing.