SaaS ( Shutdowns worry any knackhq users here?

Working with several friends who used which is shutting down, starting to worry what if knackhq would shut down one day? Is there any sort of guarantee this can't and won't happen? Knack is a great company and really an integral part of my business...

Just wondering if this is something others lose sleep over too? and what recommendations there are to not have to worry about this type of disastrous scenario.

it would be a very unprofitable move to shut down Knack; and, if Google or some such entity ever purchased it, yes it is a possibility but I didn't lose sleep over it until you mentioned it today. Only Yahoo would be shortsighted enough to sunset something with the potential of Knack.

Knack and its predecessors (Knack's done a much better job of making this easy) have essentially commoditized programming into an unspecialized task. Someone who understands logic can now "program" and piece together everything they need, especially with tools like Zapier.

I can only imagine that Knack will improve, incorporate more features, and add tens of thousands more users-- and do this all at an increasingly faster rate.

I cannot imagine any entity would shutter the growth or take the team in-house, given the huge potential that knack has to capture #1 market share for this new emerging market.

And if they shut down, I will just google "easy database software" and go with runner-up, kinda like I did the first time around.

Some, like Bubble guarantee that if they do close they will make their system available opensource but again doesn't mean they really will.

Fair enough question. A few other database services have gone out of business. I'm thinking that I would export all of my data and likely hire someone with MySQL skills to rebuild (or move to another service and try to either rebuild or hire their team to rebuild)?

Right now, I am in the process of creating blueprints of everything I build in Knack. That is, I've been creating spreadsheets that explain all of the fields in each table and how they connect. Then, for every report, I'm doing the same thing (to include screenshots). It helps me when my boss goes, "Can you build the new employee their own view?" and I don't have to sit and noodle how I created various views/charts and all the related rules.