Run Action On Multiple Records

I’ve got an action built that updates a record, inserts a new record, and sends an email when executed. The workflow usually means I need to run that action on 50 or so records at any given time. Does anyone have any idea on how to select multiple records and run an action simultaneously (or in sequence)? Trying to save myself all that clicking.


Hi @Ron

One relatively simple way to do this would be to use Make (formerly Integromat) to do this.

I am assuming that you need are manually selecting the records? In which case you could have a table with inline editing and a Yes/No field you could update to select each record.

Make would be set to trigger periodically (the interval depending on how quickly the updates are required) - or be triggered by the record update - or you could trigger it from an action link somewhere (via an email). And would then make the update, add the new record and mark the original one as complete (remove the Yes value from the Yes/No field for example).

Would this work for you - there are probably code options as well.

You can read several articles about automating Knack with Integromat (now make) on my blog:

Hope this helps.


If you are on the Pro plan or higher, you may opt to setup scheduled tasks to perform this function. This won’t work as well if you want these all to happen in an instantaneous manner; this works best to “run at night” for example, to process each record that had been updated that day.

Thanks for getting back to me Julian. I think I’m gonna lean more toward setting up an Action within Knack itself and kicking that off manually.

Appreciate the heads up on Make though! I’ll definitely be able to find a use for it down the road.

Thanks Steve. This is probably the direction I’ll end up going. I’ll adjust my workflow a little bit and a let a task take care of it. The action I’ve got built can take anywhere between 10 and 45 seconds to run each time I invoke it. Gonna be worth the adjustment to not have to be there for each run.