Resource Scheduler Calendar

I see you are using FullCalendar so can we not add 2 extra parts of this to make Knack even better.

1) The Drag 'n' Drop (External) part so we could have an object with for example resources to be planned (Unassigned) that we can drag 'n' drop on to the calendar and also drag 'n' drop them to reschedule them:

2) The scheduler part, it is not free but it gives the Gantt/Scheduler part that is much needed and can also work with the drag 'n' drop above:

This also covers the below posts:

Combine #1 with a Kaban view (as requested here: and you have the drag ;'n' drop from unassigned function with 2 different views.

My use case is an engineers calendar so each engineer (And tools) are a resource that are scheduled and can be seen side by side rather than a different colour with today's calendar.



This is desperately needed would make it so much quicker when using knack for scheduling of anything


Any thoughts on this, with v4 rolling soon maybe its a good time....