Kanban view

I assume this would be lots of programming, but a Kanban interface like www.LeanKit.com or www.Kanbantool.com would’ve been awesome (and also quite beneficial for Knack’s sales I’d guess)!

Hi Jorgen, have you tried Zapier to bring KanbanTool and Knack together?

Hi, have you any update about this feature?

Hi, are there any updates on this? Any plans for this on the roadmap?

Yes, mix the Airtable way with a Calendar and you get a Gantt Scheduler which would be the icing.

Yes a good feature to have - we've been playing with AirTable that has a nice Kanban view with stack based on a field you can choose.  Beneficial for our projects, sales, and a heap of other business processes.

Yes, would be usefull adding a Gantt and a Kanban views. tks! :smiley: