Gantt Calendar View

Gantt View for the Calendar.

Also would support this feature for development. Would be great if we could get any update on the status. 

This request is almost 3 years old. What is the status?

Agreed, have a big need for something like this. 

I agree, it would be a very useful feature

If you use integrations to ASANA (using Zapier for example) they have a connection to Instagantt. Drop me a PM if you need help. 

Brandon Griggs, I was just looking at the roadmap and there is no indication that this is in the works. Is it something that Knack is considering or do we need to look elsewhere for this feature? The current Calendar is very weak for scheduling out of the database and does not paint a clear picture of our resources. 

This is nearly a decisive factor for us.

This is a feature I would also like added, my main scheduling calendar is for this purpose exactly. Using the current calendar it does show a very clear picture of the shop floor.  

I strongly agree - this is a MUST for my headquarters to buy in to my Knack web app