Calendar Drag and Drop Feature for Tablets and Mobile Devices

As a knack developer, I want my client to be able to drag and drop calendar events on a smart phone, iPad, or other mobile device.

The users of this application are accessing the app with mobile phones and iPads more often than on desktop. It would be extremely helpful for them to be able to drag calendar events to different times on these devices in order to save them time and clicks.

For this specific use case, the application is used to schedule maintenance appointments and keep their team up to date on appointment changes. The calendar is a key feature in the application so that users can see and manage all scheduled appointments in one place.

The users are often needing to change appointment times. There is an option for the calendar view to allow users to click and drag calendar events to a new day/time, but this only works on desktop.
Currently, they have to click on the event, click the “Edit” link that I added to the event details, change the appointment time, and submit the form. The vision of this feature request is to allow them to click and drag an event to move it to a different day/time on mobile devices in order to make it easier to update the day/time of a calendar event and save the users time.

Yes, I just released an app last week that uses a scheduling calendar for mobile users, and got this question from a tablet-only user; “how do I drag and drop appointments”. I did not know it was not possible!
The current method of editing an appointment on a tablet is usable, yes, but clunky.
Drag and drop would be way better, and its expected by users.
Thanks for creating the feature request @FineMountainConsulting1