Ranking Scales and/or Carry Forward Choices

Need help in figuring out how to either have a matrix-type rating scale or have multiple choice fields below the first one have different choices based on the previous answer.

Hi Dan, can't you use connections? Then you can filter the dropdown field to depict related records to the above rating.

Hi Dan,

As far as I've seen, this can only be accomplished via JavaScript. I am a developer on the Knack Builder network and can patch your system for you to accomplish this need if you'd like. You can view our quote for this particular deliverable and associated details by going to http://www.datacove.ca/knack-database-services/ and scrolling down to Custom dynamic dropdowns.

If you'd like to proceed, you can email myself directly at RobertSmith@datacove.ca (or complete the form at the bottom of the webpage, either works!).

Thanks and have a great night,