Ranking Based on Results

I have created a database of softball skills metrics. Is it possible to set up a ranking of each metrics, for example to show the ranking of all pitching velocities? This would be great but even better would be a ranking of these metrics, such as velocity. based on the filter result such as "the velocity ranking of the 2022 graduates"?

Thank you!

With Knack it's impossible, but you can do it with the help of javascript. When the view will render, you add a column (prepend) to the current table and compare the values of the record, then with the value you are currently comparing you add the number in the column.

I understand how to sort. What I want to do is to create a column that indicates the ranking of throwing velocity (for example)...Girl A throws 50 MPH and that is the 5th fastest velocity then the column indicates 5. Girl B then throws 55 MPH and that automatically moves Girl A to 6th and the column automatically indicates the number 6.


Actually you can sort your data easily with Knack. First, create a field year in your table of records where you will put for example 2022.

Go to your builder in Knack of your app, go to the scene where you show the table, in the table's view, you have at the top left data source where you can filter it by the field you choose.

You can also in the section filters, use 'enable users to filter records', so everyone can filter the table how they wish to see what they want.

Hope I help you.