Front End User Custom Sort by Multiple Columns

As a user viewing a table on the front end , I want to be able to sort the columns of that table in a way so I can have it sort one column first then use a second column as a tiebreaker. I want to be able to do it on the fly in a custom way for me to view so that I can see the table in the order that makes sense for me. In my case I have a bunch of football players with both positions and ratings. I want to be able to see my table with all of the like positions grouped together and then within the position I want to see them sorted by the rating for the player. Other front end users will have different preferences so I can’t just set that as a default.

In excel, if I sort a table by one column, then the next. It treats the second selected column as the main sort, but will sort by my first column selection when the second column is the same. In knack, it losses the first column sort when I make the second column sort.

As you’ve already stated, this isn’t a feature that Knack offers. You can add your own custom filters and sort by one column. The grouping function is set at the table level so would be the same for all users.

This is a nice feature that at least my customer would appreciate. Maybe other people also have customers that would benefit if knack were to work on implementing it