'Multiple level' search function


I wonder if anyone has had the same issue here. I am trying to add a search field which is defined by a selection and has multiple levels. So on page load, there is a keyword search box, then underneath a first choice, which defines and opens the second choice where multiple choices can be selected then a search performed.

Multiple choice from selection of 20 (one selection made)

Choice made in first selections defines which list opens next (of 20 lists), multiple choice option and can choose up to 5.


This is turn is the final selection and records are searched by these parameters.

Is this a possiblity in Knack or is this a front-end issue/API? I must admit I am very new to database building/web design so apologies if this is the wrong place to ask a question such as this. I will be seeking professional help (!) with building more complex aspects so if it is an advanced function that would be good to know anyway.

This is the closest I have found in the forum but can’t seem to find the ‘edit input’ step.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think the knack team has been working on it. I am not sure if they will come up with something soon. I am sure it should be poss in Jquery/js but it will require work. As far as I am concerned I did not investigated this further.

Hi Stevan,

Thanks for such a quick response!

Yes that is what I’m referring to - do you know whether this is possible to create by using javascript/api/any other means - it’s quite critical to my database to allow this function.

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Hi Joanna,

That 's definitely the right place to ask this kind of question!

The referred forum post works for input forms only and unfortunately according to my information, it is still not possible to have cascading fields in search filters forms for table or list as I imagine this is what you are referring to.