Maximum number of selections on a multi-selection drop down

I have a checkbox field with multiple selections.
Currently it can be set for one choice or any number of choices.
I want to be able to limit the user to no more than, (in my case…), 2 or 3 selections, by a ‘maximum selections parameter’.

Thats it. Thank you…

Hi there!

Thank you for sharing your question!

One way that I can think of accomplishing this is by using Validation Rules. For example, in our Business Directory sample app, there is a “Category” Multiple Choice field. Let’s say that you wanted to prevent users from selecting all of the choices (or in your case, 2 or 3 selections). You can create a validation rule in your Multiple Choice field’s settings to apply that rule:

Note: Keep in mind that validation rules work only for form submissions and inline edits. Imports, form rules, and batch updates do not perform validation checks.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance with this by reaching out to our support team via the chat widget in the Builder of your app or by submitting this form.

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Hi Les, not sure this is going to work with our situation. We have a list of about 30 items that the customer can pick 2 or 3 of. Already spoken with noted Knack expert Arjun Muthukumar, and he’s going to do it in JS for us.

It would still be a neat feature, imo.

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Thank you for the update, Neil! I agree- I think having the ability to apply this to Multiple Choice fields’ settings would be very helpful to many.

I’m glad you were able to find a solution with one of our Knack Experts! Thank you Arjun! :slight_smile:

I have shared this request with the Product team and will share any updates here.

Have a great rest of your week!