Property Management App with client accounting


I want to create an app for property management that can handle landlords incoming rents, outgoing expenses, deduct agent fees etc.

Does anyone have some advice please as to what ‘object’ / ‘schema’ I should setup. I think I will need landlords, rents, expenses but I don’t know much about accounting - will I needs other objects? Has anyone done this before please?

Thank you


Hi Paul, it depends on your scope, and workflow as to how the application will need to be constructed. Knack can be almost anything that you can imagine, but it would require some discovery around what your requirements are.

I’d recommend, if you are doing this yourself, to map out all the different types of data that you think you may need to collect and then separate them into groups. I would recommend doing this on a spreadsheet first and create a worksheet for each “group”.

A group is data that is the same “subject”. For example, the worksheet for your “Property” would have the address, date of construction, rooms, sq footage etc. It would not contain information about the tenant, this would be on a separate worksheet.

Use the spreadsheet to detail all your column headings, such as tenant name, date of birth, phone number, email etc. This process is the start of defining your table structures and the required fields.

Your top level object is likely to be the “Property”. Each property will have specific details, as mentioned. These properties will be connected to a Landlord (or Landlords). Each property will have a tenant(s), so the “Tenant” will be a separate object that connects to a property or properties.

Creating your table structure and making sure you normalize your data is key to setting up the foundations of your application.

Any of the available Knack Experts would be able to help with a discovery call so you can talk them through your structure and an Entity Relationship Diagram can be drawn up to show the structure of the application.

I’d recommend reviewing the Expert network . There are a number of Expert Partners who could either help you build this with tutoring or build it for you: Knack Experts Network

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Paul - I’ve done a number of property management apps. I’d be happy walk you through the set as it applies to you app. Best not done in writing, so feel free to schedule a Zoom call here: Calendly - David Parrish

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I just saw the video part 1 and 2. Very interesting, very well explained and short. Super critical to master for a good design. I don’t remember to have seen a Knack video (articles yes) on Entity Relationship Diagram.

Maybe you should do a video on ERD @CarlHolmes and show how it releates to Knack schema and records.

Hey @MichaelG - I build mine in Lucidchart and their two part demo covers it all pretty well.

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I created this type of application. You can create different user roles that will be able to access different parts of your application. For example a manager role, a broker role. The manager could have access to all the information on these properties and the broker only a portion of this information.

Many thanks to Everyone that replied. It’s very helpful!

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