Property Management App

Hi there - I have developed a property management app in order too: manage tenants, generate invoices, track projects and tasks with contractors as well as run evaluations and anlaysis on potential purchases.


I would greatly appreciate any user feedback on interface, functions, feasters, errors, or bugs.


Enjoy, thanks.


Hi Clyde Lamble,


It looks like you are located in South Africa and so here I am also from South Africa, where can I reach you out in connection with couple of questions for example payment system like stripe is not available in South Africa but you did managed to integrate same in your property management app, as I am using payfast in my apps and I would like to switch to stripe later on. You can reach me here


It was from - a lot of great features available there.

I use tools like this

Even the default button they have looks nice

Well noted thanks for the feedback Noel. Do you have an example of what style you think might work better?

Not sure these look great to be honest ..... better to build in CSS maybe![](upload://mnFNaEvRWs3TtSRmJ4kP68wxwy5.png)

Hi ClydeLambl81203, Can I ask please what objects you set up to handle the financial side - just interested in the structure on the client accounting side please.

Kind regards