Priorities on Bugs vs New Features

Hi Team
Love Knack (well-loved), can I ask that rather than focusing on New features, please focus on fixing the severe bugs the platform is now plagued with!

Apart from the previous auto number sequencing that skipped 20 or 30 records, a critical feature in many apps. The reporting building UI never updates correctly, the dates from too all changed. And now a search in stable from client’s side gives different results if the query is Title case vs lower case!!!

These are just a few but are absolutely show-stoppers!!!

My love is waning here… So please as the support chat says, take it more seriously than you are…Please :slight_smile:

Hi @PhilWesley67576,

Thanks for the feedback.
We have been fixing many more bugs than releasing new features, and absolutely take them seriously. I just have been posting about the new updates, and perhaps I should start posting about the fixes as well for visibility.
I am always willing to have a call with you to go over auto-increments or anything else you would like to discuss, just let me know and we’ll set it up.

With regards to the auto-increments:
We know solution is still needed, and haven’t dropped or forgotten about this, we are still coming to what the best solution would be, which is why you have not heard much on it.

Here is what happens if you add a second auto-increment field:
Adding a second auto-increment field

  • Adding a second auto-increment field will fill in gaps, (as described below), from either deleted records, or skipped (non-sequential) numbers.

  • For example, if a client adds records with ids 1,2,3, then they delete the record with id 2, then they add some more that get ids 4,5. Auto Increment is now: 1, 3, 4, 5.

  • Then the skipped number behavior occurs, so instead of 6 for the next record, it is 20. Now, the ids are: 1,3,4,5,20 (there’s no 2 because it was deleted).

  • The newly added (or second) auto increment field will have no knowledge of the deleted 2, so the record ids are now: 1,2,3,4,5. (where the new “2” is the old “3”, new “3” is old “4”, etc).

  • Keep in mind that if you add a new auto-increment field to correct the numbers, to also update any references to that field in formulas or rules. For example, clients may have a field like “OrderID”, that’s a formula like ABC-{Auto Increment}.

This is not a guarantee that the second field will not experience the non-sequential numbering. Depending on your use case, it may or may not be helpful for you to do this.

For the other issues, if you have contacted Support about them, send me over the ticket numbers and I will check on the status for you.
If you have not, please do so with as many details as possible.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

I see similar comments about fixing bugs vs adding features in practically every software system I am associated with, and the commentary always has merit, especially here where it seemed to have been neglected for some time, but… It seems a properly staffed technology team with adequate resources could do both at the same time successfully. So far, I have mostly seen issues and bugs being addressed and not a lot of new feature sets, at least not anything major. In addition, the communication on issues in this discussion group has been significantly improved thanks to @Kara , which I appreciate. Lastly, my experience tells me some problems get baked into the code structure and aren’t easily fixed, and can take weeks and months because they were done so poorly, to begin with. I was running into an issue today I had not seen before, with submenu screens not updating or refreshing properly when editing and moving to the next submenu. If I can repeat the issue and video it, I can send it to support, but it is hard to explain how it happens or recreate it. It is the ghost bugs or those that can’t be easily recreated that are frustrating. Looking forward to seeing how the system evolves this year and would be interested to know if your team has a roadmap yet.

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We do have a roadmap and we’re very excited about it!
As far as publicly showing that - that’s something I will talk to leadership about :eyes:

I think it would be very helpful to have a public roadmap. All, or most, of your competitors do and some of those roadmaps are dynamic indicating stages of progress. Personally, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have regular feedback from Knack. I know Knack is fixing/rebuilding the back-end, but at the same time there is the perception of little movement forward - even if there is a lot going on in the background that we can’t see. It does get a bit frustrating.