Print Forms

 What have some of you done for printing forms such as certificates, and other fixed field print outs using Knack as the data source?



Try this link to drop box for print form setup 



I will try and post it later today

I asked Knack for it  - it was on their old system apparently - let me know if you need it as I can't find how to attach to this page

Hi Kelly,

Can you please re-post your tutorial? I can't access it from this thread or on the link Lara provided either.


Thank you!

 Don't worry.  I found it here:

Hi Kelly


With the update to the support and helpdesk it seems your tutorial has disappeared from this thread.  Any chance you could post it again please?



As I tried the above document, its work well but limited to one table field, we can able to add field from multi-table

Don't know how I didn't stumble on this sooner, it's awesome. Thank you!

Awesome kel thanks - it would be amazing if we could use the WYSIWYG and merge fields like we do with mail to create pages!

Thanks Kel!

Kel, thanks so much that’s very helpful and a very neat and easy to implement trick. I’m giving this a try.

Give this a try.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I'll put a tutorial together and post it here as soon as I can

Kel, can you elaborate on how you accomplished this? I am looking to do something similar and would love your work around. 

I have a work around for this using the email function

Sample attached

This is doable using Webmerge - there's a tutorial for it on the blog.