Need help to make printable PDF better

I would like to hire someone to help me make my Printable documents look better. There are so many blank spaces and no clean page breaks between pages. Most of the documents are no more than two pages but could possibly be made into just one page. I would also like the sections to be more defined with colored boxes or a colored line between them. I have one more issue and that is probably a simple fix. I have some HTML for a field but when I edit the information in that field for each client the HTML somehow gets broken and is no longer in the form of displaying it in 3-4 lines it is one sentence. Please reach out to me if someone could help me customize my printed documents.


You can post your project in the Knack Experts Network to receive proposals, as well.

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The web print is not the greatest. We use Docupilot to get clean, stylized printouts/reports.