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We definitely need the batch print option on knack. I have this huge table and I need to print the details one by one. Would be perfect if we could checkbox the records we want to batch print and hit one buttom to print it (or convert do .pdf).

I think this is only feasible using javascript . I did this for many clients but didn't find a way in knack to do that directly .

Sunny Singla

Batch printing would be extremely helpful!  Any updates on this, or any workarounds? 

Thanks Jonathan - just sent you an email now


Michael - 

I'm brainstorming on this and I'm thinking of a way to make this work for you. It's kinda convoluted but if you'll reach out to me we can talk about it. 




Was there ever any update on this?

This would be a huge help to our organisation - at the moment we often have to go into individual records 10 or 15 times to print out the data we need. Being able to tick the records from a table that we want to print at once, or at least being able to print all the records currently displayed would be a big step forward.

With this, knack will end its last must have feature. I have to convert it line of my table records and than combine all in one pdf to send a report. Its painfull. This would fix the biggest problem I have right now with knack.

I haven't found a way to do this in Javascript (not really my area) and I agree with others that this would be super handy.

I've noticed a lot of cloud apps using print to PDF services. When you want to print something, the app will send an email to you with a PDF attachment. I think could be part of the solution. In our case, we have a couple of hundred summary records. Presently for any detail report, we drill into each record and print. It would be great if Knack could produce a single combined PDF that we then send to the printer.   

If Knack is considering this - From a Builder UI perspective, maybe it could work something like this:

1. Define a Page with a Table

2. Within the Table have a new Option called "Record Selection". Selecting this option would additional entry of Record Selection Actions that would be contained within a table menu bar.

3. Turning on Record Selection would add a column to the table so that each row in the table would have a check box. You could also have a Select All check box.

 4. If any records were selected on a page, the Record Selection menu bar would appear above the table.

5. The Record Selection menu bar options could be set to trigger options like: Update this record, Update connected records, Insert Connected Records, Send a Custom Email along with some new trigger actions like:  Print to PDF and Delete Record.

Just a thought. I'm very happy with the way Knack is going though. It just keeps getting better. 

Thanks again and Regards



Hello Guys ,


I have did same using JavaScript. I think knack will not able to do that because of each person different situations. 



Sunny Singla


After 2 years we still dont have a way to batch print details from a search result page. This is sad...

I uploaded the same screen. Here is my detail page from one line table record. Would be nice to print all details page with one click.


i upvote batch printing!