Export options upgrade (pdf)

I love that you can now export pdf's in the new reports. This feature would be very useful to me in regular table views and calendar views as well.

Even better would be to have the ability to have a tasks- run reports- and save the resulting pdf to a field that could be sent out via that or a different task.

I can imagine a new pdf for each of our doctors calendars being updated via a task each day to a field and then emailed to them daily/ weekly using a different task.

The above requesting a email pdf and print pdf function straight from knack which out using other software would be very useful.

There is now a way to do this using a series of zapier zaps / Test CloudConvert.

I can explain further if anyone is interested. There are two serious limitations to this method.

1. The page must be"open" ie not on a password protected page.

2. Cloudconvert will take a screenshot of the entire page (including menus) not just the table or view that you actually want.

I agree with these points of view. I have some great reports that pull data from a number of objects. Including collecting signatures. It would be great if there was a way to email the signees a copy of the report so that if the data changes they can always refer back to the PDF they received in the email to authenticate what was agreed to. Would add some great usefulness to the possibilities in Knack. What was the point of adding signatures if the fields change change?

Emailing a report pdf as part of a scheduled task would be extremely helpful!

I also would love this feature - It would be great to generate a PDF, save it to file, email it, all in one action

Being able to have a "Save as PDF" link similar to the Print Link option would be an amazing addition for our customers to save tables and pages to their computer for emailing and archiving.