Populating Fields

How can I populate a field with a value from a field belonging to another table, during data entry?

I’m asking a user during Sign-up to input the company name. How can I display that value “company name” when the user is inputting the company information in a different page?

Can’t find a way to call up that value because it belongs in the user table and the company registration is taking place on the company table, even though I created a connection between the two tables

Hi Eduardo,

Assuming that you have a “Company” object and a “Users”, and that these are connected.

On a page with an add or edit company form, you should be able display fields from the “Users” object by putting a details view on the same page.

If the form is adding a new “Company” record connected to the logged in “User”, you should also be able to use form record rules to copy the value of the Company field in the “User”, to a field in the “Company” record.

Does that help and make sense? Hopefully I’ve understood what you’re trying to achieve.



Thanks for your note. I figured it out. I think I was over thinking it, keep in mind I’m an old school DB designer.

Knack really stream down the design process to a point that you really don’t need any programmer skills to make it work.

If I hit a wall with something more complex, I’ll reach out to you for guidance.

Many thanks

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