Page View Rules not working


My request is alog the lines of request #50575 (from another Knack user).

I am trying to hide some aspects of a page view based on the "membership level" of the company associated with the currently logged in user. See below for how I ave set this up:

But regardless of the membership level of the logged in company, the application ALWAYS displays "Main Navigation Menu (P)".

Is there something wrong with my configuration? Is this related to the issued raised on request #50575? Is it still a known but unresolved issue? Any suggestions on how we can make this optional display work?

FYI: Since this is a live application, I backed all these changes for the time being in order not to affect user experience.

Looking forward to your comments.

Thank you,

Victor Berrios

It is now October and I am having problems with one particular function with Page View Rules as well as it won't read the fields in a Detail View, it thinks they are empty. Although support was starting to look at this it has been a few weeks and they seem to get confused by the app, the complexity and trying to understand the cryptic information we give them in tickets. That being said I have noticed many instances where Page Rules will allow you to set something up that you expect to work but won't and shouldn't for good reason that you have to figure it out on your own. So that may be part of the frustration with this function but Page Rules this has to work as permissions of this sort is a basic function in programs today. As for a good tracking system they are almost free on the Internet and an enterprising company could probably make their own with a good database platform... 😉

As the one who reported the problem you refer to, they have not yet fixed it.. They had me try one fix, which did not solve the problem, and currently at this time there is no fix..

While knack support has been good in most areas, I find that items like this are very frustrating.. There is no real way to track the problem, and there are no updates, unless you ask... But they don't seem to have a good problem tracking systems that I've seen..