One Search applying to two different tables at once

I have two tables that I would like to display on the same page and filter with the same keyword at once, rather than having the user search both separately with the Search view. Both searches are on the same field - one is native to one table and “connected” in the other. I am wondering if there is a way to do one search and have both tables update their results based on that one single Keyword or phrase search.
Thanks for your suggestions!

Not natively, may be a code based solution but I’m not a coder. :thinking:

Any Knack coders you recommend? By the way, I enjoy the Youtube videos you put up!

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Thanks for the positive feedback on the videos :blush:
I know and have worked with both Ian Crowe (Knack Pros) Los Angeles and Johnny Parsons (KnackMods) UK, you can find them both in the expert network. Mention that I referred you, it may help :man_shrugging:

Many thanks!

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@David2 - I am pretty certain it would be possible using some JS - I have done something similar for a client where I wanted a simpler UI than filters for the general public to find available slots for covid tests. I have a form they can edit to choose the type of test, location and date required - then the code constructs URL parameters (which is how filters are applied in Knack) and the loads the updated URL. Works a treat with one table being searched so I assume you could do two.

Thanks Julian. I will get back to you.

Hi David
This may not be what you after by I have a similar display on my database.
Essentially file#1 is a general service record which has keys to file#2 which is date of being wounded in action.

The start source is a table of file#1 entries which can be filtered by an available fields of the file.

So on selecting the one I want to look at I link to another form which has in it
(1) modifiable fields from file#1
(2) display of calculated data from file#1 (ie text equations)
(3) ability to add new items into file#2
(4) a table report of the RELEVANT VALUES in FILE#2 that relate to the specific record in File#1.

I hope that makes sense but I will add a couple screen shots for you.

On one screen I can show basic information regards the general service record called from a table where filters are being applied to FILE#1

I then click on the button in the field WIA which calls up a sub-form of this process. I’m not sure if you want just tables on both displays this possibly does more than you want to appear.

I have had a quick play on trying to display two tables at once and whilst it appears passing a filter between the two does not.

So my only suggestion would be to start on the table apply filters click specific field for display of the 2nd table as a popup with any relevant info from the 1st table displayed at the top (or editable if so desired)

Hope this has made sense and will assist.

Many thanks, I’ll give this a try.