Offline Mobile App

I would love to see a Mobile App Builder to allow creating mobile apps and maintaining/updating/syncing mobile devices to give a full field to cloud system.

Thank you for all of the great discourse here surrounding the request for an offline mobile app! We definitely are listening to your feedback. Our team is hard at work on a brand new builder and an overhauled infrastructure. After those big projects are released, we will be addressing broad business utility features, and evaluating some mobile-friendlier feature requests such as the ones discussed here. 

In the meantime, please check out this FAQ page for information about Knack on mobile today:

Wow, this IS sad. I am relatively new to Knack. I like it, but if the development teams isn't listening after four years, I may have to cut my losses and go with ZOHO.

Its like many things Knack doesnt address. I love the product but the development team is not very conscientious of what the users want and need.

It's been 2 years since this was originally requested by the OP.
Knack, Is there any update on this ?

This is the biggest complaint I currently receive from my clients. I create a lot of databases for mobile type companies and they gripe about the sluggishness and/or no connection to the network. Also am in need of a cleaner mobile interface to match that of modern day interfaces. Knack backend is unmatched, just need the front end to catch up. 


Zoho have now launched the AppCreator which can be used with the Creator to give both a backend and mobile with offline, doesnt have the nice way of building the UI that Knack does though.

Podio have teamed up with Device Magic to offer offline mobile to their backend.

Can Knack not make a nice partner or create a knack mobile app builer that works seamlessly with the knack builder of today




The likes of ZOHO and Ragic not only have an App but also have offline viewing, please catch up and ideally overtake with offline viewing and creation/editing.



Yes to mobile app, it would be a much better selling point

Hi, I also think allowing the creation of mobile apps from here would be a killer feature in knack. 

Has anyone used a Knack app in an iOS or Android app?

My suggestion would be to make a more logical theme layer so themes could be built from the ground up using a framework of choice. That would be in place of overwriting things.

An idea I had was to make a JS library (of sorts) that took a Knack page back to very basic elements as a starting point for extension. Or creating an AngularJS library to access the Knack API directly.


This is one of 3 main features (The othesr being emails in for record creation and update which Zapier cannot do today and inbuilt report templating) stopping me taking the time to build my own full business app on Knack (There are other little things but I would be happy to solve them with JS as required), I need to be able to use the UI on a mobile even without a signal.

It would be good to choose what is exported to a mobile app from the web app and what is available offline and trigged how, so what is stored on the mobile DB/cache and based on what, so for example for field service that would be the assets job history for the current job.



Agree.  A better mobile look/feel would be nice.

Really would lobe mobile Knack Apps and the ability to set parts of the knack app as offline so synced with HTM5 and browser storage, set Knack apart from the rest as none have today and ZOHO look like they may be the first.

My target audience is the mobile phone or tablet.  How can I hook into the database via the api?

Knack has changed how I and my clients do business but I am also getting feedback that viewing on a mobile device does not feel mobile. Clicking on a multiple choice field should bring up the mobile drop down field rather than a list on the page that is hard to make a choice on. Also we would like to see the submit button on a table go away. This is too many steps on a mobile device when let's say checking off check boxes in a large list.