New Date Validation Options

I noticed today that there are some additional validation rules available on dates.
I may be behind the curve on this update :blush:
This will make things a bit easier to ensure even better data validation.

  • is a day of the week
  • is between days of the week
  • is between dates
  • is a future date
  • is not a future date

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Hmm it would be helpful if I can see those options too :frowning:

They are available to all builders. Can be found in any date field settings under validation.

AFAIK these have actually been around for some time @CarlHolmes! Iā€™m glad you recently discovered and surfaced them here. I imagine the follow-ups will be requests to use these in criteria (such as filters and rules). For now, these are only on validation rules as you have pointed out.

I look forward to introducing my customers to the filter improvements.
Is there any release forecast?