Need help setting up an Annual Leave / Vacation process

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows how to create an annual leave process. For example, I created a staff database with how much holiday their entitled to per year and therefor I would like to create a form where they can put down their requested dates (in date format) which will then automatically take it away from the number of days they have in total.

Would anyone know how to do this? Please include equations or page connections if needed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


You could have two tables, say Staff and Holidays that are connected one to many. The Staff table has a field for the number of holidays and a summary field that counts the number of linked holidays. The user adds their holiday request to the Holidays table and the summary (Count) field counts the number of requests for that user. The Staff table also can have an equation field that subtracts the number of allocated holidays from the count filed to show the net holidays available for the user. Make sense?

I think so, will give this a try anyway. Thank you for your response :slight_smile: