Multiple items into one order attached to a customer

Hi… I’m very new to this but seem to be making good progress so far although I’ve hit a stumbling block.

I’m a picture framer, In the schema ive added an object to add/edit/view customer details and now I need to move onto orders

Each order connects to one customer, each customer can have multiple orders

Each order can have multiple lines on it for example

If a customer orders 3 frames, each frame may be different and have options attached to them

Size etc

I don’t seem to be able to work out how I can create an order then add multiple lines to it.

My first thing was to have in the schema an orders object that just contains a link to the customer and order date then having another object called order details to collect all the information.

I’ve then created a page called orders and added the fields from the order object, and a table to display the order details entered on the next page then added a menu that takes me to order details and have a form using the fields from order detail object.

My problem is I have a submit button in the form for the order and a drop down to select an order in the order detail page.

This is how I see it working if I could do it!

Add new order by selecting a customer
Click add new order detail
Go to order detail page
Fill in the form
Submit the form abs return to the order page with the order details showing in the table
Add new order detail if I wish.

So far my connections are like this

Customers links to order

Orders link to order details

Sorry if this makes no sense… people say I have a tendency to overthink things so this might be the case!

Thank you for any help.


I figured it out using the quote order template, it did exactly what i was after