Order App

Working on Quotation App…I have used the order entry app as a template but having problems with one thing. I have different categories of LINE ITEMS, EQUIPMENT needs qty and days imputed and THIRD PARTY COST which is basically fill in the blank with a dollar amount under each type of THIRD PARTY COST needed.

Using the Knack Order App as an example: Can you have multiple links to add EQUIPMENT, then another link to add THIRD PARTY COST, then after submitting data into both of these links, can Knack update the LINE ITEM table with info coming from both the EQUIPMENT and THIRD PARTY COST at the same time?

When I have entered data into both categories and then submit on the add line item screen, it only adds the last category I added data into. My example, I entered data into third party cost and submitted, then I added equipment and submitted, lastly I hit submit on the add line item screen and it only added the EQUIPMENT category line item to the line item table.

Do I need to submit to the line item table EACH time I add any data to THIRD PARTY COST and EQUIPMENT?

AS you can imagine, I really only want the user to have to hit submit once when they have added all categories up and really only want 1 submit button on the screen. My version 1 of this app had multiple submit buttons and a line time table for EQUIPMENT and THIRD PARTY COST with a Submit button below both. Form was getting very long, so made a general line item table and just add a category field. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kyle McAfee

Kyle, would you mind sending this to support@knack.com? We can touch base with you and look more closely into your app and offer some insight.

Thanks for all of the input and ideas.