Multiple Condition Under One Tab inside The Table Filter Function

This is a problem that we've encountered with our team just today. We have a Table that shows all active hires. These active hires has different STATUS (new hire, hire complete, hire cancelled, hiring in progress, interviews in progress, waiting on deposit, etc.)

In this table, we then added 5 filters. Namely: Active, waiting on deposit, complete, cancelled, all.

All filter names are also STATUS names except for ACTIVE.

All: all

Cancelled: all STATUS = cancelled

Complete: all STATUS = cancelled

Waiting for deposit: all STATUS = waiting for deposit

Active = all STATUS that are not complete and cancelled.

Here's the problem: We've created a filter for active: STATUS IS NOT = cancelled

This will filter out all status that are cancelled but not status which are completed. if we set is as STATUS IS NOT = completed, all STATUS that are cancelled will not be filtered out.

Request for Feature: can we add TWO(2) or MULTIPLE conditions under one tab inside the table filter function? so we can set as: (STATUS IS NOT COMPLETE) AND (STATUS IS NOT CANCELLED). This added feature, if approved, will be a huge help for our team and for the people who will be facing the same problem in the future.