Multiple applications at once

I am relatively new to Knack, so this may be a fairly straight forward answer. I am trying to create an app that will allow distributors to insert up to 15 applicants at once with ease.

To better simplify, the program I am automating is one where a distributor enrolls up to 15 dealers to attend a meeting we offer semi annually. They are required to give the Name of the Dealership, Name of the Dealer, Cell phone #, Food allergies, projected Next year earnings, and different flight information for each attendee. So one can see how this could easily become tedious to the distributor filling it out. Ease of use is key here. Thank you in advance for your time and your help.

I am not aware of a way to import multiple records from the front end of Knack. I believe this can only be done from the builder side.

My thoughts are that if they were able to import multiple records, they would have to type all of the info in a csv file and then import the csv. So it seems like it would be the same amount of data entry to just enter a new record for each one.