Multi Page form, returning to first page creates a new entry


I have created a multi page form. Using the standard return to previous page or the breadcrumb the user can navigate back through the form to previous pages and the previously completed data appears. However because you need to use a create record form for the first page when the user navigates back to the first page it is blank and a new entry is created if they proceed again.

This is not acceptable so is there a way for the user to navigate back to the first page as if it was an edit form and not a create ?

The form is open to the public so there is no login.


Hello Brian,


Yes possible by creating cookies when record is created and delete cookies after complete form is submitted or update .


If user come back to first page then check cookie exist or not . If cookie exist then redirect them to second page (update page)


It solve your problem .



Sunny Singla